Monday, December 31, 2007

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BANISH The Prince of Darkness!

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Photo & Layout by Dale

-- The Powerblock Kit --
(minus the Yellow Book)

The PowerBlock

Go beyond Lucas-- Upgrade to a Relayed Switching & Advanced Wired Platform and Get All the Juice You Need!

Do yourself a Favor and Upgrade to our Powerblock harness and give your Baby a Triple Bypass-- Your Lights will be Brighter... Your Starter will have more Cranking power... Your Cylinders will Ignite stronger... Your Dash switches will last Longer, and most of all-- when you Blow a Fuse the Powerblock will show you which fuse Blew.

Travel with newfound Confidence when you install One of our Powerblock harness systems.

Up until now, the MGB or Triumph owner has had only two options for improving the electrical systems in their cars: buy an OEM replacement or one of the many aftermarket wiring systems designed for street rods or custom cars. An OEM replacement only solves some of your problems, but doesn't solve any of the original design deficencies. You're still stuck with poor lighting, slow wipers, and sluggish heater fans caused by voltage drops through the old, worn out switches. The aftermarked kits available up until now are excellent, but they are not designed for an MGB or a Triumph, nor do they solve the problems with old switches. The majority of these kits are designed to mate with the GM steering column and the GM switches that are almost universally used in street rods, not for the switches we have.

The instructions supplied with these kits (usually pictorials) are quite clear if you are using these GM style components, but if not, you will have a heck of a time trying to figure out how to mate one of these kits to your car. Typical of the instructions supplied with these kits is this excerpt: "if you are not using a GM switch, you will have to trace out your wiring to determine how to wire the switch." Huh? How much help is that?

None of them have enough relays to take the load off your OEM switches. Without the relays, corroded contacts in the switches will still have voltage drops that will leave you with dim lights and may even cause the switches to heat up enough to cause a fire. Replacing these switches is expensive and time consuming, and without reducing the loads, the switches will deteriate rapidly, setting you right back where you were.

The Cost of Replacing (5) of your OEM switches could pay for one of our Powerblock Kits!

Well, help is here! Advance Auto Wire offers our own "PowerBlock" wiring kit, made specifically for MGs and Triumphs.

Go Beyond OEM for Your Electrical Needs-- Invest in Advanced British Wiring that Exceeds Expectations!

U Got EFI? No Problem... read more.

Sounds Great!, But Who the Heck are You Guys?

Checkout Our Available Wiring Kits!

Get the Only Book you will ever Need for All Lucas Equiped Classics: Lucas Decoded by Dan Masters.

Take a Peak at Rick Astley's New MG Electrical Book as Well!

Monday, June 18, 2007

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a Lathrop 1974 MGB V8 CONVERSION




What Does this...

Have to Do with this?

It's another Dan Masters Special Ride ;-)

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Monday, May 21, 2007

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Webb Motors of Roanoke, Virginia

Webb Motors 7106 Williamson Rd. Roanoke, VA 24019
Phone: 540.362.3923

Google Maps

Shinsen 774 from the MG Experience found this Jewel. Follow his Thread on the MGE Forum.


Friday, May 04, 2007

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News Flash! Our New Business Partner - Flex-Tec

I’m Chuck and I am the President of Flex-Tec. Our company is located in middle Georgia just south of Macon in a rural setting off Interstate 75. Our company was founded nearly 25 years ago by a retired employee of one of the largest lighting fixture corporations located near us.

Our corporate headquarters and primary state of the art wire processing manufacturing facility is located on 13 acres. Over the years we have expanded to multiple locations and added warehousing space.

We proudly employ an average of 100 people from the local community. We are equally proud that our products are still made in the ol US of A. While not all customers require the certification of Underwriters Laboratory, we do manufacturer and have registered all Flex-Tec facilities with this agency. It’s that little marking, “UL” that tells our consumers that this product has been reviewed by an engineer and meets stringent electrical safety standards. Additionally, all quality systems are ISO 9001/2000 compliant.

We thoroughly understand Mike’s supply chain and growth concerns and are excited to be presented an opportunity to align Flex-Tec’s capabilities with the needs of Britishmcce-Advance Auto Wire. As this is being written, we’re cooperatively working to develop mutual supply chain plans which include accurate forecasting, product stocking with computerized bills of materials and inventory control in order to facilitate highest possible product availability while maintaining affordable cost to the end customer. It’s clear to us at Flex-Tec that Britishmcee - Advance Auto Wire has a great product with significant future potential and we want to be part of that.

Flex-Tec is a turn key manufacturing solutions provider with core competencies in the wire configuration arena. We serve small customers to the fortune 100’s. Find us at

Thursday, April 19, 2007

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A Solution for the Middle East-- Send Uncle Otto, a Blonde, and Cheech & Chong Over There!

You Bet "Things are Tough All Over"-- Send in the "A" Team: Uncle Otto, a Blonde, and Cheech & Chong ;-)

Click for Uncle Otto's Humorous Site

Grace Under Pressure

Watching this Again... Really Makes you Wonder

Smack the PLAY button and Enjoy!

NOTE: If the Jukebox is Playing-- Click here to PAUSE the Player then Click BACK button to Return Here.

Monday, April 02, 2007

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Britishmcce Radio is Here!!!

Britishmcce Radio

ALRIGHT! I have always wanted my Own Radio Station... Now, I've Got One ;-)

Clear as a Bell and Easy to Use-- You can even Get Song Info, Bookmark, Copy, or Buy album on iTunes & Amazon... I believe this is the Wave of the Future-- And NO ADVERTISING between Songs!!! COOL ;-)

Here's how it Works... First of All, it is a Free Service... you have to Sign Up to Listen because they are only allowing USA connections at the Moment... Expect Europe to be online sometime later.

The Jukebox uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to select songs based upon the Channel Artist or Song... so, you might Hear something you might like that you have never Heard Before! This is Awesome--- Something New and Hidden Cuts ;-)

Tune In and Enjoy Something New!


PS: I'll Leave the Lava Light ON for Ya ;-)

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

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Puerto Rico Dale's Crypt Car Actually Passes a Truck!

Folks, Trust Me... this is Truly a Miracle that Brings Tears to My Eyes ;-)


The Autopsy (Tinster)...

Thursday, February 01, 2007

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Humor Site: Lucas the Prince of Darkness

I just found this--- Funny Stuff ;-)


The Lucas motto: "Get home before dark."
Lucas is the patent holder for the short circuit.
Lucas - Inventor of the first intermittent wiper.
Lucas - Inventor of the self-dimming headlamp.
The three position Lucas switch - Dim, Flicker and Off.
The Original Anti-Theft Device - Lucas Electrics.

When you are Through Laughing...

Look for Electrical Solutions Here

Lotus Tools by

I recently found this Assortment that could be Handy for you Weekend Warriors ;-)

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

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Bad News from Puerto Rico...

While I was in Bogota, Dale , Dale2 sent me a Email about the Latest Demise of the Crypt Car-- Abandoned on the Side of the Road with the Keys in the Ignition ;-)

After returning from Bogota, I called Dale to get the Scoop on the Ole Crypt Car. He told me that the Tranny froze up during a (6) minute ride and that he had to have help to push it off to the side of the road. At that Moment... he decided to throw in the Towel-- and I don't blame him either.

Further bad news was Confirmed the other day... Dale swore that the Crypt Car would wind backup at his place since everybody knows it is his car, right? No kidding-- in a few days it showed up in his Driveway... fortunately, the Car Crusher is just Down the Road a little Bit.

If you need Parts, you better inquire soon!


PS: Oh, I almost Forgot... there is a Brand New Powerblock under that TR6 Bonnet that is about to be Crushed-- Monty Hall - Let's Make a Deal!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

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Get Google Reader for FREE!

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Yup, My Wonderful Friends at Google have Come up with another Gem worth having...

Sign up for Google's RSS Reader and Subscribe to Things that you would like to Know about Minus the Junk Mail!

Having a RSS Reader is the same as Subscribing to Time Magazine-- You wanted it, it comes to your Home Mailbox, & you Welcome the Content.

Everytime a Post on Our Site is Created or Updated-- You will Know and have Access to that Post from your RSS Reader.


Sunday, October 22, 2006

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My Puerto Rico Days with Dale & Wendy (Tinster)

Dale's 1969 TR6 "Crypt Car" Rises from the Grave

... and the Coqui Frogs that Chirps like Birds ;-)

The 1st week of October 2006, I was Invited to Puerto Rico to Help Dale Resolve his TR6 Powerblock Installation issues... and if we Got Lucky, We would take off and Explore the Island Together.

First and Foremost, I want Everybody to Know that on the Good Ship Earth, Dale & Wendy are Rare Birds indeed to make Memories with. They are Simple & Down to Earth Folks just having a Blast Day to Day on a Beautiful Island... Anchored between the Atlantic & the Caribbean Sea ;-)

Secondly, I would like to Express to all U Gearheads out there that Know Dale--- Dale has Taken a lot of Vapor-Ware and Turned it into Something Functional... without much Assistance from Anybody on the Island. Now, Dale's Methods maybe a Bit Paradoxical, but his End Results are Usually Quite Superb, All Things Considered ;-)

I arrived in San Juan Late Afternoon due to some Misfortunes on my Journey South from Atlanta. In Miami my scheduled last Leg Broke Down... My Plane Died on the Tarmac, Fortunately ;-) No Big Deal because there were (2) flights schedule for San Juan that day, and they Pulled up a Big Airbus 300 to Take us down in Comfort... Nice ;-)

My Last name is not that Common, so I was very Fortunate to have met another Masters on the plane. I found my seat in the Rear of the Plane. A few moments later a Guy comes back and Sits right in front of Me and he is Conversing with a Lady in front of him, "There is a Mike Masters on this Plane. My Boarding Pass was Rejected and the Flight Crew had to Check my Identification before letting me Board the Plane..."

Amused, I chimed in... "Hi. I am Mike Masters!". We Laughed & Hit it Right Off all the Way down to San Juan. Fifteen minutes into the Flight, We were Sitting & having a Few Beers Together ;-)

Cruising Low over the City of Old San Juan from the North was Pretty Neat... I felt like Colonel Kilgore (Robert Duval, Apocalypse Now) Flying in Heavy over the Rocks, Beach, Fort, & Village--- minus the Music.

Touch down was Nice & Easy too-- the Fastest Runway Taxi trip in My Life. But to no avail, Murphy Stepped right up, again-- and Misplaced my Luggage. Dale was beside himself-- go Figure. Dale has been living this Way since he has been Trying, Desperately Hard to Receive a Gift from his wife, Wendy--- the Crypt Car!! I put in my claim with instructions on where to Deliver it to Dale's House and Walked onto Puerto Rico for the 1st Time in Life-- I had always wanted to Visit the Caribbean. Key West was as Close as I had come to the Most Southern Point of the US in my Earlier Years.

By the Time we Departed the Airport, it was becoming Dusk. Dale quickly Navigated the Way Home & Whipped Us into the Grocery store for some Replacements. Not only was my personal effects Lost in the Luggage, so was my friend Ezra Brooks--- Bummer. Unfortunately, I had to Choose between Jack & Jim-- Oh, Well...

While attempting to Leave the Grocery store Dale tried to get a Cup of Coffee from a Machine--- Ha, Ate his Money!!! I telling You Folks-- It's True! Dale is extremely Lucky if an ATM will give him any Cash! ... All Things Electric Don't Like Dale ;-)

In a Flash we were at Dale & Wendy's Casa-- Dale just couldn't Wait to Open the Garage door to Show me the Crypt Car! I just said, "Nice,... Manaña. Where's the Ice, please?"

We Hung outside in this Garden of Eden that Wendy has Sculptured Over the Years that had more things Tropical than you had Fingers & Toes. An Quaint Kidney shared Pool nicely placed in the Corner & a Fantastic View of Night Lights over the Wall.

Unfortunately, Dale's Christmas Lights were not Working Down the Wall & on his Palm Tree and He was Puzzled about That... until Wendy joined Us--- and then Boom! They were Glowing their vibrant Colors of Joy ;-)

After an Hour or So, I began to Hear these Birds Chirping all Around Us. Dale was quick to Point out that it wasn't Birds, They were Frogs! Frogs? Yes, we call them Coquis... named after the Gentle Whistle they Make. Neat!

Wendy had Snuck upstairs to turn on the Air for Me-- Thank the Man for Air Conditioning... 'cause I don't do well Sleeping in Humid 90s Weather. One Entire Day of Travel Concluded,... Night, Night ;-)

More to Come...

Meanwhile, Watch the Show from Rincón, Puerto Rico.

Enjoy these Webshot Gallery Links!!

Friday, October 13, 2006

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The FIFO Hopper

The FIFO Hopper has

Thursday, October 12, 2006

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Blog Roll Call

Thursday, August 31, 2006

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PowerBlock Price Increase Effective Sept 6th, 2006


Due to Our Friends in China & the Far East... the Demand for Copper has Gone Nuts! Read more here...

Therefore, we will have to raise our Powerblock Surcharge another $25 just to Keep Up.

We are in the Process of Evaluating our Future Wire Needs & Selection, and we will advise later on down the Road.

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