Friday, October 13, 2006

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At 9:08 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have a wiring harness for my wife's 1974 MGB on order and she is eagerly awaiting its arrival so she can drive her car again. I am already rounding up "volunteers" to assist with the installation. Both me and the majoriy of my friends are highly mechanically and electrically inclinded with a very good working knowledge of MGBs in general. Based on that information, what is a conserative estimate for removing the old harness and installing your new one in a MGB with three guys doing the work? Or have you completed time studies for installation of the complete harness and aux. fuse box? If not, would you like us to document our time in the job and advise you?

Also the wife and I are completing a frame off restoration of a 1957 MGA 1500. Do you offer or potentially have plans to offer a MGA wiring harness for the early MGA's? MGA's are very simple in their wiring so an MGB kit would be over kill.

Mr. Brown, Allen TX 1974 MGB (X2), 1957 MGA

At 9:38 AM, Blogger mmasters said...

We estimate the project length to be about 60 hours... the more consecutive time put in, the better.

To answer you question: I will hold back 10 hours of Planning for yourself and divide the rest by 3 & add the Fudge factor. Here's my figure: 10 hours planning & 33 hours of work. Sound good?

On the MGA issue I will get back with you on that.

Thanks for Posting!!!!!! I wish more Would...


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