Tuesday, December 20, 2005

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Don't Use PayPal? ... Have It Your Way ;-)

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PayPal has been a Great Business Partner for Us. I have heard all kinds of "Bad" experiences other Paypal members have had-- usually, they are eBay Issues. But, I haven't had an Issue with Paypal since I started back in December 2005.

We also have a Paypal-Visa Business Card that we use a Lot. As a Matter of Fact, it is the Only VISA Provider that Calls Me every once in a while to verify my Purchases for a Given period of Time-- Now, I call that Security & Service. Nobody else in my Wallet goes that Extra Mile ;-)

Paypal is No Different than any other Business Merchant Account provider... they are just a little Bit Bigger is All & Do a Hellva Lot more Transactions around the Globe than Anybody Else ;-)

So, Have It Your Way! -- You DON'T Have to be a PayPal Member to Use PayPal's Merchant Services.

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Friday, December 09, 2005

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How to Order

Our order system allows you to choose between ordering online OR ordering by mail -- it's your choice.

To order our products by mail, please send a completed order form, along with a check or money order, to:

Advance Auto Wire
210 Windship Lane
Woodstock, GA 30189

The order form is in Adobe PDF format. You will need to have the Adobe reader to view and print it. If you don't have the reader, you may download a free copy direct from Adobe by clicking on the button below.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

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Recently, a customer asked me this question,

"once an order is placed, how long does it usually take before it ships?"


Business is Brisk! To answer your question, since we have introduced PayPal to our websites--- we have (3) of them.

I am glad you have asked this question and I hope that I explain our situation to you very well.

In a perfect world it takes about 3 days to pull, build, test, pull, & ship a single kit with no additional accessories-- this perfect world also requires that there are no parts or wires to order to fulfill the finished kit. However, when the production line gets flooded-- resources appears to fly off the shelf very rapidly-- it is not unusual for me to place 100s of dollars worth of supply orders on any particular day to my half-dozen vendors... and this stuff is not cheap either. We have to maintain an inventory of about $4,000 in supplies at all times.

Our business has grown from an average of (2.5) kits a month to an average of (11) kits-- I am running out of supplies left & right... and unfortunately, I can't find local resources in the Big City of Atlanta to go pick up these items when they are desperately needed. I believe we have over 100 parts & items that maybe required to fulfill a single kit-- each kit's requirements varies by make, model, & year of the customer's vehicle.

The only thing I am able to source locally is the fuse box & flashers at any AutoZone or Advance Auto store-- because they only stock (2) of each, it is not unusual for me to have to drive around northwest Atlanta for 5 hours to track these items down... but I finally got in tight with a manager of an Advance Auto store to stock my stuff after (2) years of relationship building efforts at (5) stores in my immediate area!

Second, I was able to improve my supply chain throughput on my wiring procurements via South Carolina which also warehouses about 95% of the wire I order. I can usually have my orders delivered to me at a reduced freight cost within 2-3 days, unless the wire needs to be striped.

Currently, our wiring business is an one-man-army with my occasional 11 year old son, Nico, helping out when he is available-- not playing outside ;-) Since this business venture has expanded, I am in the process of recruiting some homebodies to help out when we are flooded with orders-- I have met one two fella(s) thus far... I'm still waiting for him one to ramble down the hill to visit our production facilities... my basement!

Got one Stike!

Me After Soldering a Few Wires

Advance Auto Wire is not the only business venture I am currently managing at the moment, so I try to timeslice the best I can between ventures & the home life.

Currently, I am averaging about 4-5 orders on my bench to be fulfilled at any given time-- plus, they are sorted in order on a first in-first out basis. Our production line is averaging about fulfilling (2.5) orders per week-- I realize that this needs to be improved, and when I have a little help from my friends & neighbors that provide me with a good base assembled unit... we will be off & running to expand our business into the Electrical Marine market. If anybody is interested in supplimenting tier income-- let me know!

Once successfully entrenched in the Electrical Marine market, I plan on double-backing to offer our unique, handcrafted products to the Hot Rod market and slowly fill the gaps between the Datsun Zs & other antique cars-- and then take a well placed vacation on some deserted island for a month!

I hope I have answered your question to your satisfaction.


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